Tuesday, 10 July 2012

3 Important Tips on Mindset for Network Marketing

Without a Right Mindset at work, it is tough for you to be successful in networking marketing. Here are some of my personal secrets I will share with you on how to be successful.

Personal Development

To be successful in this business, it is about personal development. You have to understand that in this business, nobody cares what is the product that you're selling, how good is it, how good the compensation plan is or how great is the growth of the company. Develop yourself as a person and let others see the value in you. Increase the value in yourself by increasing your knowledge.

Get into the habit of learning something new everyday. Be it from books, audio, videos etc. All these will help you grow as a person and it will also gives you a different perspective about life. Start applying these knowledge. Try something new everyday. Pick up a cooking skill, or martial arts, or a new dance. Once you start enjoying your life, people will rush to you wanting to find out how you manage to do all these that they can't. Now people are coming to you instead of you looking for prospects.

Find the right mentor

Most people start in network marketing believing that it is a great company, great product, that they can have the life that they want and that they can be successful in it. For some people, it did happen to them. But do you know that more than 90% of the people fail in network marketing? That's because they don't have the necessary skills and mindset for the business. These skills can sometimes take time to build.

Find a right mentor who already has the level of success you are looking for. They would already know what are the steps you need to achieve what you want. It will shorten your learning curve and be your shortcut to your success. 

Take action!

All that you learn amounts to nothing if you don't take action. Set daily goals for yourself. Make sure you stick to it. Personally, when I started my own network marketing business, I was setting a goal of presenting to 2 new prospects everyday. I was jotting down all my meetings and appointments with my prospects, when I should be making a call to them. Making sure I follow up with every single one of them.

If you have other commitments as well, it is easy to forget some of your tasks that you need to complete. Make sure you jot them all down, into your smartphone or a notebook. If you're using a smartphone, that's even better. You can set alarms to remind yourself if you get too busy. 

Set daily goals, set goals for yourself to achieve certain ranks in your company after a certain period of time, set goals for your team as well. If your team is successful, you will be successful too.  

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